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Saturday, May 16, 2009

To go.. Or not to go?

Hello :D

Are you going to Cheer 09?
BUD4-ian? Ex-senior? Ex-student?
ITS BLITZERZ! Supporting them every year is part of our school culture. :)

Anyway, before you make up your mind so quickly to go to Cheer 09 by any transport..
Here are:
7 Reasons Why You Should Not Go To Cheer'09 by LRT

I had experience in that area., trust me.
  1. You have to wake up EARLY to go by LRT. Line up, buy tickets, wait for the train. ISNT IT MUCH easier if you go by Bus?
  2. You have to change stations. Somewhere along the trip, you'll have to get out of the train, and walk across the road to the other station. If you go by bus.. its ONE trip.
  3. On the second day of cheer.. dont expect to go back early. LRT WILL BE SUPER CROWDED. I reached home around 8 last yr.
  4. If the train is full, don't even think about sitting down. You'll stand the whole way. Surrounded by sweaty strangers. Quite suffocating if you ask me.
  5. The whole point of going by bus.. well, its fun. If you go with your class, even better! You can make all the noise you want! Plus, there's the comfort of the comfortable cushioned seats and air-con! Malaysia weather is extremely hot these days. -.-
  6. Technically, its quite dangerous if you're not experienced. I got lost year. If you're a first-timer, you'll definitely get lost. TRUST ME. it happens every year. However, if you do go by bus, rest assured we will take care of you :)
  7. Well... if you dont go by bus, you wont be getting the limited edition Blitzerz Supporter T-shirt. To get the shirt, you have to go by bus, which means, buy the package provided! (Shirt design will be posted soon)

Need i say more? :)
Dont go by LRT just to look cool alright? Supporting our school cheerleaders together, LOUD AND PROUD, is way more cooler than that. ;)

This year, we offer something different. If there is enough people going by bus, another bus will be opened for ex-students, seniors(pun not intended) and parents too! Now.. isnt that just.. great? :)

PLUS! Limited amount of merchandise offered too. Pictures will be up after exams or asap.