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Friday, June 26, 2009

we cheer for cheerleaders x)




Some updates on the props. Don't mind the picture quality. It was taken by a handphone.

Anyway, reminder to those who have paid for the props and the package, PLEASE pay up latest by next week tuesday. It's not that hard :) You guys saw the shirt right? So, we've gotten the shirt sample to show to those who asked, settle your transport, done your props (midway), so it's time to pay up!

(Note: Apologies to the ex-seniors, but for those who have not paid, we're not sure if we would have extra stock for you. We will only know by wednesday. So sorry)

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Heyyy :D

hey guys! look for out for a surprise tomorrow morning :)

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Merchandize part #2

Don't you ever wonder how hard our cheerleaders work? They practice after school everyday from Monday to Friday, have stunt practices on Saturday and they go to the gym on Sunday. They're slaving their butts off people! So support them and let's go together as a team and a sea of blue!

The ajks work pretty hard too. We stay back everyday after school settling the transport, shirts and props for you guys. Even during weekends!

Check out some of the play cards we made. This year, everything is handmade! And we're selling it pretty cheap too! So come and check out the merchandises we've prepared for you on Monday at the Tempat Rehat!

Note: Repeat: we'll be selling the merchandises the pre-order way this year. Meaning, you'll have to order and pay first before we actually make it/sell it to you. It's easier for us this way so that no materials go to waste.

Here's a little preview of the play cards. They look pretty cool huh? We actually have a variety of colours and quotes available, but these are just a sneak preview:

Couldnt help fooling around with the camera. x)

Pretty huh? :)

We're selling it at an EXTREMELY cheap price, compared to all the years before. So yea! Come visit us!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Merchandize and Sign Up Payment

Hello! So far, we have almost about 6 buses. Not bad for 3 days worth of work. :) Anyway, to those who have signed up, We urge you guys to pay as soon as possible. Latest tomorrow or monday. The sooner you pay, the sooner we can order the shirts for you, and the sooner you can get your shirt. It's never good to get things done at the last minute no? If you guys pay too late, the shirts might be delayed, and then.. we'll have problems.


Oh, and we will be selling the merchandises starting from either tomorrow or Monday! We'll be doing it the pre-order way, however. So you guys have to pay first before you get your poms/playcards/*secret merchandise*. It will be given to you no worries.

Here's a little preview:

Oh, by the way, the quality of the pompoms are really good this year. It wont shed and you can actually do a lot of damage to it without it falling to pieces. That is, unless you rip the bits off. Other than that, they're really good, and big! (it can be cut smaller if you want) Handmade by the AJKs. :)

You can pre-order in three types of poms:
1. One colour. (Blue, White, or yellow)
2. Two colours (exp: Blue and White, Yellow and Blue, Yellow and White)
3. Tri-colour (Blue yellow white, Blue yellow light yellow)

This will be explained specifically on Monday. For any inquiries, don't hesitate to ask any of the ajks.

Visit us at the Tempat Rehat! We'll be there!

Monday, June 15, 2009


*click to enlarge the flyer. Details inside!

So, did anyone see the flyers we put up in every class? Well, if you haven't, just to let you know, we'll be there tomorrow at the Tempat Rehat during the first and second recess. So people, it's time to sign up! The price is only RM30, which is cheaper compared to the year(s) before. There will be more variety in the sizes this year, starting from XS, and the sample of the shirt quality and size will be shown if inquired. The quality's pretty good by the way, we've seen it. :)

This year, there will be a little change in the bus arrangements. For one, you will be able to choose the bus you want to go by. So that'll be a better and easier alternative for you guys, no? Two, for the first bus to be filled, an exclusive discount will be given.

So, is that a good deal or what?

p.s. If you're curious about the shirt design, personally come and see ZhenWei at 4Daisi or XianQi at 4M.

We'll be seeing you tomorrow! Go Blitzerz!